About us

About us

SonoCare...when healthcare comes to you!

SonoCare Healthcare Inc. is an emerging leader in the healthcare/telehealth space, offering comprehensive virtual/remote and on-site care solutions spanning telehealth, healthcare services marketplace platform and hospital services. Through our award-winning consumer experience brands – SonoCare (Telehealth) and SonoCare Clinics – we help thousands of people resolve their healthcare needs with confidence. SonoCare Healthcare delivers care in Nigeria, partnering with leading healthcare providers, health management organizations (HMOs), NGOs and health systems to transform healthcare delivery. Through our ever-advancing technologies and a flexible, tailored approach, we provide extensive clinical expertise through a simple, integrated experience. Together, we are transforming how people access and experience healthcare around the world

SonoCare is a product of SonoCare Healthcare Inc., a health-tech company based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, fostering equitable and socially-inclusive access to real-time healthcare for under-served populations through simple and innovative technology that that virtually takes the hospital to patients instead of patients going to hospitals and offering highly subsidized health plans that cover healthcare costs.

SonoCare Healthcare Inc. is committed to building a reliable and technologically advanced healthcare system within Nigeria, and which extends beyond her borders, that is cost-effective and renowned for high quality care while adhering to leading international standards.

Founded on the principles of international standards in healthcare delivery by Dr. Enokela O. Moses, SonoCare Healthcare Inc. was originally set up as a diagnostics services solution and since its inception has grown to become a leading healthcare solutions provider in Nigeria attracting interest from other regions of the sub-Sahara Africa and the rest of the world.


SonoCare Healthcare’s telemedicine application and portable diagnostic stations are becoming the premier solution for Nigerians of all classes. Our compliance with various regulatory bodies on quality standards and procedures ensures that we seamlessly integrate with our partner physicians to ensure streamlined quality care for everyone.


Following an increase in demand for other services that match the quality that SonoCare Healthcare is known for, the brand formally expanded into secondary healthcare in 2019 with the launch of SonoCare Clinics offering comprehensive preventative and everyday healthcare services for the whole family as well as offering the most advanced care in fertility, helping couples start great families.



All doctors fully qualified and licenced with extensive experience in various fields of medicine.


Access healthcare conveniently 24/7 everyday online (in-app) or offline (by calling 09087493045)

Cost effiency

Affordable subsription plans for personal family and corporate coverage


Patient data is fully secure & encrypted

Our Mission

"Pushing frontiers of care through technology and innovation towards an equitable and quality healthcare distribution for all sections of society.” We provide care based on empathy. Serving your needs as an individual or family forms the core of our business. We do this by adhering to world-class guidelines to ensure that we give you the best during your journey with us. SonoCare Healthcare, you can never go wrong

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Our Vision

“SonoCare’s vision is To reimagine the care experience by leading the transformation of virtual/remote healthcare and build lasting healthcare partnerships that deliver excellence, service, and sustainability.” We are passionate about ensuring that the continuum of care is never broken. We aim to achieve this by providing top-of-the-line specialist and medical services to meet the healthcare needs of you and your family. We have established several healthcare facilities across the country to make our services easily accessible to you. Our collaboration with professionals and health maintenance organizations in delivering quality healthcare services ensure that we provide you with solid recommendations backed by evidence-based practice. With the collective effort of our highly trained staff, we are confident that we can support you every step of the way.